Bread Pudding Steals the Show

Do you ever feel like your dinner parties are lacking something and your desserts never seem to steal the show? Then you have never made a delicious bread pudding for your audience to enjoy! It’s time to step it up and let bread pudding take center stage with you and your friends!

Meet the starring cast: bread, cinnamon, raisins, and of course, the sauce!


Cinnamon shines in its supporting role in this dessert. This rich yet subtle flavor excites the senses and warms the hearts of your audience every time. Cinnamon is versatile in its craft and always a crowd pleaser, so when you add cinnamon to any dessert you know it’s going to be a box office (or dinner table) hit!


Usually raisins are seen as the understudy, finding it hard to land a leading role in many people’s recipe. But for those of us that love the classics, raisins are a staple in bread pudding not to be outdone by chocolate chips or nuts. While some people describe raisins as a little “dried up”, we think there is still room for them to enjoy their time to shine as the sweet and fruity addition to this dessert!


This spongey delight is known to get along with everyone in the cast. It’s the foundation of this production and holds it all together with its savory and supportive personality. While bread is already great on its own, when you combine it with a dash of cinnamon and deluge of sauce, it becomes a sensation to enjoy over and over again.

The Sauce

This is where it gets really good. The final bow. The curtain call. No matter what sauce you choose to top off this dessert, you know it’s going to get great reviews. The sauce tends to demand attention in the best way whether it’s a rich and creamy rum sauce or a light and sweet white chocolate drizzle. You really can’t go wrong when you have the sauce as the headliner for this dessert!

Behind the scenes, this dessert might seem like it’s got a lot going on to produce it. However, this classic dessert is fairly simple—just mix it all together, pop it in the oven and watch the show unfold before your eyes! Your friends and family will all want to be there when you premier this mouth-watering dessert that everyone will enjoy. Enhance this award-winning dessert by pairing it with a cup of Community® Bread Pudding coffee and let your taste buds go wild. Like any great show, the only thing bad about this dessert is when it’s over and the last bite is gone!