It pays to offer premium office coffee.

“Employees feel more appreciated by employers offering coffee service at the office.”
- USA TODAY, 2013
Employers across America are discovering the many benefits of our office coffee and tea programs. As simple as it may seem, employees who have access to exceptional, fresh-brewed coffee or tea at the office tend to have higher morale and be more productive.
Sourced from the top 10% of coffee beans in the world, each of our high-quality coffees has rich flavor, a delicate aroma and a smooth, satisfying finish. From our medium roast Breakfast Blend to our extra dark French Roast coffees, Community Coffee Company offers an array of premium coffees and teas that are sure to satisfy — and perk up employees and productivity at your workplace.
Visit our Contact page to ask about the availability of a trial offer in your market, or call 1.800.525.5583. We’ll even throw you an office coffee party (at our expense).


- A wide range of traditional and on-trend coffee and tea flavors - Fractional pack sizes available, ranging from 2.5 to 3.25 ounces - Full range of single-serve coffees in a variety of blends


- New custom office coffee programs (and upgrades) to suit your employees’ specific tastes. - Employee training for proper brewing and cleaning - All necessary condiments


- Fast, reliable ordering, delivery and equipment set-up - Direct office delivery - Professional, ongoing service and equipment maintenance (national and regional repair service)