A beloved brand of coffee and tea service for restaurants

“The naming (branding) of coffee on the menu has increased 30% in the past two years showing consumers recognize branding and respond to coffee brands.”
- Mintel/2013, Non-Alcoholic Beverages at Restaurants Report.
Many of the finest restaurateurs across the nation are finding that they can grow their profit margins with the brand power of Community® coffee. By using our brand power on their menus, our consumer research and development, and our marketing support, they are increasing customer loyalty and growing sales.
We work with all types of restaurant operations, including some of the most recognized national account restaurant customers in both the commercial and non-commercial industry sectors. Community Coffee Company’s focus on taste, quality, consumer research, customer service and growing our customer’s business are at the heart of our success.
Find out how the brand power Community Coffee Company offers can elevate your beverage menu, your marketing power, and your overall restaurant operations — and most importantly, increase your traffic and grow your sales.


- Unique, high performance business strategies and value-adding solutions - Custom marketing support to help drive coffee and tea sales - Up-to-date consumer, beverage trend and consumption research - Specialized server and manager training


- Twelve delicious, premium coffee blends, from Breakfast Blend (medium roast) to French Roast (extra dark) - Fractional sizes from 2.5 oz. to 3.25 oz. per brew - Premium blends in single-serve cups, as well as 4 oz. filter pack or 4 oz. open brew products - Seasonal specialty coffee flavor options: Pecan Praline, Hazelnut, French Vanilla, Golden Caramel, Mardi Gras King Cake, Vanilla Creme Brulee, Pumpkin Praline..


- Community Coffee Company direct store delivery network - Private or closed distribution to your national or regional distributor of choice - E-commerce direct shipment via UPS or FedEx - World-class brewing equipment installation, service and maintenance