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About Our Heritage


Timeless Values

Over the past 95 years, many things have changed at Community Coffee Company. But our core values have remained the same. They were Cap's values. They are our family values. They are the values that bring us together, and that drive us to be better, and to do better.

We rely on one another to act with absolute integrity, to work with passion and an uncompromising commitment to quality, to focus on building and maintaining strong relationships, and to make respect a part of everything we do.

These values inspire us to continually push the boundaries of excellence in coffee – and to consistently deliver on our commitment to be the best coffee company in America.
Values at Community Coffee


Our company values are our personal values. They’re our core values. We hold every member of our team accountable to these values, and we expect to be held accountable to them ourselves. They are part of who we are and part of our history. They’re recorded in the choices we’ve made, the relationships we’ve developed, and the contributions we’ve made to our local communities.

Coffee Delivery


“From farm to cup” refers to more than just our coffee’s journey. It also refers to our commitment to our values. Those values must be upheld from the beginning of planting season until after our coffee is roasted, after our coffee is packaged, and after it is delivered. Every ounce of our coffee must be delivered with uncompromising quality and integrity – time after time, without exception.

Great Coffee Service


Serving our customers and our local communities is a privilege. Serving with consistency, integrity and excellence is a responsibility. Great service means exceeding customer expectations, giving back to our local communities generously, and supporting our employees and partners in every way we can. Through service, we strive to demonstrate our values in action.