About Our Process


Obsessed with coffee.
Obsessed with quality.

Our experts have virtually every certification in the industry, and decades of experience as tasters. More importantly, they have the expertise of four generations behind them. This is unique in our industry, and the result of being family owned and operated for four generations. It makes a difference you can taste in every cup of our coffee and allows us to continually push the boundaries of excellence.

Our green coffee experts test, taste, rate and discuss our coffee beans at the farms, at the port of departure, at the port of arrival, before roasting, then once again before the beans are ready for your cup. All of our coffee beans go through their rigorous scoring system for body, balance, flavor and aroma. Only the best beans can pass. They are only then considered specialty-grade, in the top 10% in the world, and fit to bear the Community® coffee name.
Carl, our Coffee Expert


It’s not Community® coffee until Carl says so. Carl is our Coffee Expert, our Lead Cupper and our Vice President of Green Coffee and Tea. He is a Licensed Q Grader, a professional cupper accredited by the Coffee Quality Institute, and he’s also a Certified Cupping Judge of the SCAA. He’s been with us for over thirty years, and has been a taster for over twenty years. From the moment our beans are harvested, Carl tests, tastes, rates and discusses everything that will eventually wear the Community® coffee label.

Our Coffee Roaster


The roast is our opportunity to unleash the full potential of our beans. Our Lead Roaster, certified by the SCAA’s Roasters Guild® and seasoned by decades of experience, has mastered the secrets of time and temperature that make our beans bold and rich, bright and surprising, smooth and subtle.

Industry Coffee Experts


In the industry it’s acknowledged that if you know coffee, you know Community® coffee. Our experts are not just company, local, or regional experts, they are global experts with relationships that span the industry and the world.