100 Years, 100 Reasons

to Celebrate.

In honor of our Centennial year, we want to celebrate communities that inspire us. From the farmers that help ensure the quality of our coffee beans, to military service men and service women, runners, musicians, and many more. Let's raise a cup to the incredible communities of Community® coffee drinkers who are helping to usher in our next 100 years.

Number 1 Family-Owned Retail Coffee Brand In America

We didn't become the number 1 family-owned retail coffee brand in America without the support of every member of our team. Together we raise our cup to celebrate 100 years!

Retiree Reflections: Part II

Working at Community Coffee is like being a part of a family. Watch as retirees reminisce on working with each other back in the day.

Military Moment: Paris Mintz

In this Military Moment, we honor Sergeant Major Paris Mintz. Thank you for your service!

Military Moment: Rhianna McCloud

In this Military Moment, we honor POFC Rhianna McCloud. We are so grateful for your dedication and service!

Showing Heart To Communities

Did you know? For every pound of Community® coffee served inflight, Southwest Airlines and Community Coffee donate to the ECOM Foundation, a nonprofit organization focused on making better lives for farmers.

Military Moment: Justin Montfort

AWF1 NAC/AW Justin Montfort schedules aircraft missions around the world and has flown 6,450 flight hours supporting military operations. He also flew relief efforts during Hurricane Katrina. Justin, you are an American hero!

Military Moment: Kenneth Bell

This season we're partnering with the New Orleans Saints to honor those who have served in the military. This week's honoree is Gunnery Sergeant Kenneth Bell, a 20 year Marine veteran. Thank you for your service!

Retiree Reflections

Listen as members of the Community Coffee extended family talk about their experiences after retiring and what they miss most about their jobs.

Military Moment: Colonel Justin Swanson

Born in New Orleans, Justin was named the #1 Saints Fan in Afghanistan! He is a strong supporter of veteran organizations and has been awarded a bronze star as well as over 20 commendation medals. We thank you for your service!

Extended Family

We've said it for years—our Community Coffee team is family to us, no questions asked. We celebrate 100 years with all members of the Community Coffee family, both past and present.

Cheers To 100 Years

For a limited time, watch our centennial story on Louisiana Public Broadcasting. The 30-minute documentary takes a historical look at the company and its growth into the #1 Family-Owned Retail Coffee Brand in America. Visit www.lpb.org/community.

Community Love Story

Donna Saurage has been part of the family for over 60 years now, but how did Norman Saurage win her over? Learn more about their love story in this heartwarming video.

What Does "Community" Mean To You?

What makes up community? We asked these guests on the Movieguide red carpet in honor of our 100-year celebration.

Trivia Time

How much do you know about Community Coffee? Take our trivia challenge!

Birthday Wishes from the Stars

Thanks to these Movieguide stars for the birthday wishes!

Supporting Their Legacy

Community Coffee is a longtime supporter of Folds of Honor, an incredible organization that awards scholarships to the spouses and children of fallen or disabled service members.

Happy 100th Birthday, Community Coffee Company

No April Fool's joke - Community Coffee Company turned 100 years old April 1! In honor of this centennial anniversary, we're taking a look back at how Community® became the brand it is today.

Coffee Experts: Colombia Cooperative

Matt Saurage joined the team for a trip down to Honduras to get an inside look at the collective of farmers and coffee experts that craft our coffee and to share in our 100 year celebration.

Wall Of Fame

Honoring our retirees is something that has always been an important matter to us. The Community Coffee Wall of Fame highlights our top employees over the years. Learn more about what it means to one former employee in this touching story.

The Story Begins

As we celebrate the past 100 years, we look back on how our story started. Donna Saurage talks about how the Community Coffee Company was born from Cap's humble beginnings.


"My favorite Community Coffee memory of my Grandma and Grandpa starts when I was about 8 years old and continued for as long as I had them here. Sitting in their kitchen in Chauvin with the windows open, the sticky breeze blowing through the house, and my Grandma making me a cup of Community Coffee milk. I've loved coffee ever since. I can't wait to share this tradition with my grandchildren."

-Raegan C

"I treasure the memories of sitting around the kitchen table at my mother's home with my mother, grandmother and sister drinking a cup of Community Coffee and catching up with each other. My mother and grandmother are gone now. I plan to continue this tradition in the future with my twin granddaughters."

-Sheryl E

"My mom always brought me a cup of Community coffee to my room in the mornings as I was getting ready for high school. We both shared a love of your great coffee. I have lots of wonderful memories of the many happy coffee breaks we shared together. My mom sadly passed in 2016. I smile every time I drink a cup of Community coffee."

-Connie M

"I grew up in southern Louisiana. As a child, I had coffee milk so I could have coffee like my mom. It was a weekend tradition. After [Hurricane] Katrina, our family moved. I remember splurging to buy my mom a case of the Hotel Blend to bring back the flavor of home. It is still her favorite and brings back happy memories for us both."

-Amanda B

"I moved to Louisiana in 2000 from out of state as a freshman in college. I discovered Community Coffee on the LSU campus and have been drinking it ever since. My husband and I now purchase the giant bags from Costco. It is the best tasting coffee, and I look forward to my cup every day."

-Mary D.

"I grew up at Cardinal Hall in Baton Rouge, LA. My mom always had a fresh pot of Community® coffee on hand to treat the steady stream of friends, family, and visitors. I can't remember a happy time without Community Coffee - it is synonymous with love and happiness!"

-Emily H.

"My dad taught me my love of Community® coffee early on. When he was diagnosed with Alzheimer's I moved him in with me until my mom retired. We would sit on my screened porch sipping coffee while watching birds. Those are the memories I cherish."

-Teresa H.

"My dad was a Community Coffee man my whole life, until he retired a few years back. I grew up with a big red coffee truck in my driveway and the sight of those trucks even today makes me smile and think of my dad. The smell of coffee brewing is the best smell in the world. Now when my dad comes and visits, I love making him coffee and talking with him over a cup of Community® coffee."

-Dawn P.


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