100 Years, 100 Reasons: Family

Family means everything to us. Since our start in 1919, Community Coffee Company has been family owned and family operated. Many of our employees have a deep family connection to the company and can tell stories about the days their parents and grandparents came to work at Community Coffee Company. We still work with many of the same family-run farms we’ve worked with for generations, and generations of coffee drinkers have trusted us to serve them only the best.

Community Coffee Company was built by generations of the Saurage family—a family extremely passionate about creating a coffee experience that leaves a lasting impression. In return, our coffee has extended far beyond the Saurage family name and become central to a multitude of memorable moments over the past century.

To help kick off our 100 Year Anniversary, we’re celebrating the reasons Community Coffee Company is important to your family. Check out the stories below, and let us know how Community has become a part of your family on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #100Years100Reasons.

"I'm very proud of my children…You know why I know that they love it? I think that I may have put a little bit of coffee milk in their bottles when they were growing up. They have been drinking coffee since they were infants. And now that they're coffee drinkers, they're tasting coffee every week to make sure that what goes into our blend is the right coffee." –Donna Saurage  

“I treasure the memories of sitting around the kitchen table at my mother's home with my mother, grandmother and sister drinking a cup of Community coffee and catching up with each other. My mother and grandmother are gone now. I plan to continue this tradition in the future with my twin granddaughters.” –Sheryl E.

“My mom and dad used to make Community coffee every morning in an old aluminum drip pot…She then sent me off to college with a percolator coffee pot and a few bags of Community coffee for a lot of late night studying. Now married and 2 kids later, my wife and I make a pot every morning in a Bunn coffee brewer and we both have a few more cups each afternoon.”  –Jeremy L.

 “I live in Philadelphia, and when my nephew was born 15 years ago my mom wanted to fly down to see him. I offered to go with her even though flying terrifies me. I loved it there! After 3 days of drinking coffee at different times and places I wondered why the coffee, even though it seemed dark to me, was always smooth and tasty. My sister-in-law (she's a Louisiana local) told me it was Community coffee and took me to a little market to buy some for home.” –Frances S.

“My husband and I were first introduced to Community coffee when we were on vacation and it ended up being the best vacation ever because we found a coffee that we could both agree on (which has not happened in over 20 years of marriage). You definitely brought us closer together now that our morning ritual is spent with each other and you. Thank you.”— Chantell M.

“I grew up on a farm next to my grandparents in the rolling hills of North Louisiana near Toledo Bend. The first scent of every day was coffee...Community coffee. I've loved it all my life. A pot first thing...a new pot every time anyone showed up...I was thrilled to be old enough to bring each guest (cousin, aunt, the preacher) a cup just the way they liked it. My daddy always took his with 2 spoons of sugar.” –Beverly L.

“I started drinking Community coffee milk at my Grandmother’s when I was around 3. She would get up early, 3:30/4am, make it in a drip pot and then I would help her roll out the biscuits. My dad was in the Air Force, so when he couldn’t be at his mom’s in Louisiana, Community coffee would be imported in to our home, wherever that was at the time. Community coffee drinker then, now and forever. Some of my fondest memories involve that coffee!”—Patti H.

“We are from Iowa but several years ago were traveling to New Orleans for Mardi Gras. We have a friend that is a waiter at one of our favorite restaurants in Des Moines. Since he was born and raised in New Orleans, we asked what he would like us to bring back from his home city. Without even having to think about it or missing a beat he said ‘I would just love some Community coffee.’ Of course we brought several bags back for him and we have not drank any other coffee ourselves since that day.” –Pat W. 

“My momma's shift as an RN started at 6:15am, 30 minutes away from our home. We were bundled up in our pajamas and dropped off at Grandma’s House where we dressed for school. The only thing she had that was hot at that hour was Granddaddy’s coffee (with chicory), so we got that with lots of milk and sugar. I eventually weaned myself off of the sugar…but I must still have my coffee, chicory, and milk every day.” –Denise C.

"Most coffees we buy are from families. They're very involved with the product itself, and what makes a great cup of coffee. It is a family to family business—to find the best coffees, we have to rely on personal relationships, knowing who to go to to find the coffees that will suit us the best; for them to know us well enough to know what our expectations are. That way we reliably and consistently get the finest coffees in the world." — Matt Saurage