100 Years, 100 Reasons: Heroes

You don’t have to wear a cape or save the world to be a hero. Heroism comes in all shapes and sizes, whether it’s being a parent, teaching, volunteering your time, or simply brightening someone’s day.

When Community Coffee Company was founded 100 years ago, we succeeded because of the support of our friends and neighbors. These communities inspired our giving programs and continue to motivate us today. Community’s employees, customers, and neighbors are our heroes, and we want to celebrate you.

Supporting Heroes

Community Coffee Company is a longtime supporter of the nonprofit Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana (CRCL), and for 30 years, our Community® Cash for Schools has supported schools in educating the future heroes of communities across the region.

When natural disasters occur, we support disaster relief efforts and provide free coffee to shelters, first responders and those affected.

Those in the military put their lives on the line every day to keep us safe. While they may be miles and miles away from home, we hope to give them a sense of comfort with a cup of coffee through our Military Match program. Since 2008, the program has sent over 7 million cups of coffee to our heroes abroad.

We also support veterans and their families through a variety of ways, including Folds of Honor, the USO of North Carolina, and Bastion.

Heroes In Our Community

To continue celebrating our 100 Year Anniversary, we want to hear stories about heroes in your community. Check out the stories below, and let us know how Community has helped you or a hero in your life on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #100Years100Reasons.

“My Marine son is my hero. He's fourth generation military. When all the kids in this little town went to work in industry, Jason decided he wanted to be a Marine. He was overseas when his father passed but both my boys still made sure I was okay. He has inspired some of the kids here to go into the service. He's my hero in camo.” – Shelby C.

 “A giant THANK YOU for this amazing gift! I am beyond thankful to you and to my sorority sister and former Army Sister in Arms, Julie O., who ordered these. I can't believe how many of my teammates have never had Community® coffee, so my new mission is to introduce them to this amazing coffee. And I’m so glad the King Cake was in there too because it's my absolute favorite!” –Camille L., after receiving a shipment from our Military Match program

“I don't enjoy drinking the coffee at the fire station, so I bring Community® coffee to work and like to leave it in the fridge to keep it fresher. To ensure that it doesn't get confiscated by other crews who may be jealous that I'm drinking real coffee, I had the idea to build a lock box and had my Dad weld a completely custom cage to keep it in. Love Community Coffee Company!”  - Chris S.

“The first thing I did every morning at the hospital was put on a pot of Community® coffee. Then the night shift Respiratory Therapists started spoiling me and started making a fresh pot of coffee for me every morning! I sure miss those sweet, sweet ladies and that freshly brewed Community® coffee every morning!”—Cindy M.

 “Being deployed to Afghanistan is hard enough being away from family. At least a little part of home can provide some comfort. Thanks for the mug and coffee. The only type I drink!” – David F., after receiving a shipment from our Military Match program

“I answered a phone call from a Community Coffee customer and was inspired with his story. He and his wife were from up North and were relocated to the BASF plant in Geismar. He was surprised that everyone was drinking Community® coffee. He said, ‘Okay, what is this? It’s probably terrible stuff.’ He said that from the moment he tried it, he was hooked. And because he admires the foundation of the company, I briefly shared my personal story in regards to how much of a blessing everyone and this company has been. He was in awe. He then shared with me that he was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer at 47 and had 38 rounds of chemo, plus surgery…He’s now 68 and has been in remission for 19 years. A few years after his diagnosis, his wife was diagnosed with Stage 1 Breast Cancer and went through the process and has also been in remission for several years.” – Weslie R., Community Coffee Company employee