Hope and Coffee, a Perfect Blend

Rwanda, a country that experienced one of the most savage civil wars in history, is rebuilding, and coffee sales are one of the driving forces enabling a brighter future. In the past decade, the cultivation of coffee beans in Rwanda is a beacon of hope and a source of sustainable income for many. About one-third of the Rwandan population depends on growing coffee to survive. At Community Coffee Company, we are proud to have been one of the first American or European coffee companies to purchase Rwandan Bourbon coffee.

PR_400x413Philomene Nyirandirarika is a Rwandan grower who specially selects and supplies coffee beans to Community Coffee Company. She is one of many Rwandans working at the village cooperative that we partnered with in 2001. For Philomene, the relationship has been life changing. The consistent demand from Community Coffee Company, as well as the village cooperative environment, allows Philomene to support her family and continue to develop her skills as a grower. Philomene and the other cooperative employees work hard to provide the beans that are the foundation for the rich, smooth flavor of Community® coffee Private Reserve® blends. The relationship that we share with the Rwandan village cooperative is transformative and mutually beneficial, providing Philomene and her family with a self-sufficient lifestyle while also giving our customers a quality cup of coffee.

Made from the top 1% of the world’s coffee beans, this exotic blend grows between 4,000 and 6,000 feet above sea level in the rich volcanic soil of Rwanda. The medium-roasted blend is smooth and vibrant with subtle citrus notes.

This partnership began fourteen years ago, and we still have a strong relationship with this resilient community and continue to offer our selective Rwandan blend for consumers to experience. You can purchase this blend on our website – be sure to review it to let us know what you think.