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We have been thanking U.S. military personnel by doubling customer coffee orders for free through our Military Match program for almost a decade. Over 4.2 million cups of Community® coffee have given our heroes a taste of home and one customer recently reached back out to use to share his appreciation.

At a Community Coffee Company employee event this fall, our team members had the
opportunity to personally show their support of our military heroes by writing “Thank You” notes to military personnel, which were then placed in our Military Match boxes and shipped to servicemen and servicewomen across the globe.

Recently, we received a thank you letter from Chris Chaisson, a U.S. Department of State diplomat, who has been serving overseas in various U.S. embassies for the last 11 years. He has been our customer since 2006 and is now posted in Pakistan during a hardship tour. He wrote to Our Company in response to the handwritten note that was delivered to him. 

“Someone took time out of their day to write a handwritten note to me, which I sincerely appreciate.  It was not necessary and I truly believe that their sentiments are completely genuine. This simple and kind act only reinforced to me that your company deserves my total loyalty. While you had a loyal customer before, this simple card only ensured that I will only buy your coffee in the future and if I run out, I will just wait until your coffee arrives to drink more. Please accept my sincere appreciation for your generosity, kindness, and simple humanity that you have shown to me and all the millions of military members over the long years.”

- Chris Chaisson, U.S. State Department and loyal Community® coffee consumer

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Community’s Military Match program is clearly making an impact of utmost importance on our loyal fans and customers overseas. We are proud to provide our coffee to those who truly deserve and appreciate it the most.