5 Tips for Cyber Monday Savings

The day online shoppers have been waiting for all year is right around the corner: Cyber Monday! On Monday, November 26, savvy shoppers across the nation will scour the web hoping to find the best holiday deals. If you’re planning to participate this year, check out the tips below to get the most bang for your buck!

1. Do Your Research
To help calculate your savings, look for Cyber Monday announcements before the big day (like our promo for 33% off all online orders with the code SAVINGS). Though many retailers won’t publish Cyber Monday deals on their website ahead of time, some will announce deals on their social media channels or through online newsletters. Checking out last year’s deals can also give you a good idea of what to expect this year.

2. Make a List
Put together a shopping list before Cyber Monday to keep yourself on track and avoid overspending. Make note of the typical pricing for items so you can easily compare it with the Cyber Monday price and determine if they’re worth purchasing.

3. Sign Up for Rewards
Make the most of your online shopping by earning rewards with each purchase. As Entrepreneur writer Lydia Belanger points out, “If you’re not already using apps such as Ebates and Shopkick to get coupon codes and cash back on purchases, consider downloading one of them before you spend big on Cyber Monday.” Ebates offers a $10 bonus to new members, and after you spend $25 through the site, you can refer a friend for an additional $25 bonus. Don’t forget to check with your credit or debit card company to see if they’re offering any cash back deals, too!

4. Create Accounts in Advance
Many online retailers require you to sign in or create an account before purchasing. If you have an idea of which online stores you’re planning to visit on Cyber Monday, create an account before then to save time and streamline the checkout process. If you already have an account, make sure you know the username and password associated with it.  

5. Start Early
Last year, 81 million consumers shopped on Cyber Monday and spent an estimated $6.59 billion—a record for the most ever spent on the digital holiday. In order to avoid the stress of the dreaded “sold out” notification, start your Cyber Monday shopping early in the day. Plus, early morning shoppers generally land the steepest discounts.