7 Unique Coffee Drinks From Around the World

No matter where you are around the globe, chances are you can catch someone enjoying coffee. In fact, coffee is the most popular beverage in the world, with an estimated 400-500 billion cups consumed each year! How we drink and prepare a coffee beverage can vary greatly, though.

The United States is mostly known for its drip coffees and Americanos, for example. An Americano is a coffee drink prepared by diluting espresso with hot water. This allows it to have a similar strength, but different flavor.

Keep reading to learn about some of the unique coffee drinks you can find around the world.

  1. Greece: Frappé

    In almost any coffee shop in Greece, you will find a drink called “frappé” listed. Not to be confused with the popular Frappucino drink, this is a frothy iced drink made with instant coffee, cold water, sugar and evaporated milk.

  2. Italy: Cappuccino

    One of the most popular and widely-known Italian coffee drinks is the cappuccino. This espresso drink is prepared with steamed milked and is only enjoyed in the morning. Italians consider a cappuccino to be a breakfast drink which should not be ordered after a meal or past eleven o'clock, according to HuffPost. The reasoning? Many believe that drinks made with milk hinder the body’s ability to digest food if consumed after a meal.

  3. Turkey: Türk Kahvesi

    Türk Kahvesi, or turkish coffee, is treated like a dessert instead of a pick-me-up. This delicious drink is usually served after dinner with a chewy candy. Türk Kahvesi is brewed in a copper or brass pot called a cezve. This drink is special because it’s unfiltered—meaning the grounds settle to the bottom of the pot.

  4. Spain: Café Bombon

    This is the perfect drink for those who like sweet coffee. Café Bombon is made with equal parts condensed milk and black coffee. When served, the drink appears separated, with the condensed milk in the bottom of the cup and the hot espresso sitting on top. Just stir and it’s ready to drink!

  5. Hong Kong: Yuenyueng

    Yuenyueng is one of the more popular coffee drinks in Hong Kong and consists of coffee and milk tea. Milk tea is just that: a combination of milk and tea. Some variations include more ingredients like sugar, cardamom or honey. The drink can be ordered hot or cold and there are a variety of milk teas to choose from. To make this drink, it takes three parts black coffee to seven parts milk tea.

  6. Mexico: Café de Olla

    Café de Olla is a traditional Mexican coffee beverage prepared in a clay pot to give the drink a special flavor. The clay pot isn’t the only factor that gives this drink a distinct flavor, though. The coffee is also made with cinnamon and piloncillo (dark brown sugar) to add some spice. The spice adds a fiery, healthy kick to a regular cup of coffee. We love this drink so much that we made it into a blend! Check out our Café de Olla coffee for a smooth blend with hints of cinnamon. Sweeten it with sugar or cream for an indulgent coffee treat!

  7. Vietnam: Cà Phê Trứng

    Cà Phê Trứng, also known as Vietnamese egg coffee, is a delicious drink that could also pass for dessert. Egg yolks, condensed milk and sugar are whisked together to create a custard-like topping. This custard can be used with any strong dark blend, but for the most part, it’s typically made with stronger-tasting Robusta beans. It can be served hot or cold!