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Blending It All Together: A Red Bag History

Over the past 101 years, we’ve had opportunities to do great things in coffee innovation, build direct relationships with the farmers where we source our green coffee, and give back to local communities everywhere. Through the years, and every new coffee blend, we’ve been committed to serving you the same great-tasting coffee cup after cup. After four generations, we thought it might be time for a fresh look. That’s why we’re happy to introduce our new coffee packaging in 2020!

This isn’t the first time we’ve made a few changes with our packaging. We have many great examples over the years showing small changes in details on our bags and boxes to meet the needs of our customers and loyal fans. Among those changes are also timeless pieces of history that become vintage art. Step back in time with us:

small image 30s-60s

small image 70s-2000s

While the look varies from one design to the next with subtle changes in certain elements of the branding, there are some things that remain the same. One of those is our bold and vibrant red color. The color became synonymous with the Community Coffee name, leading some long-standing customers to nickname us the “Red Bag” coffee.

Another visual element that seems to stand out among our fans is the visual layout of the Community Coffee lettering. “It’s something that was developed, and it was great from the start, and it’s been fun to work with,” said Trish Buller, creative services manager for Community Coffee Company. Through her 15 years with the company, Buller said the creative team has made updates to modernize the text, but she loves the way the letters, such as the C and the O, nestle together and complement each other. “That’s something that we want to maintain, because those characteristics are so recognizable to our brand.”

Why update packaging? There’s plenty of reasons why a company may go through a change in their packing. Let’s highlight a few reasons why we have a new look on the shelf this year.

  1. Easy to find your blend! Our new packaging features larger, more noticeable color blocks, with each coffee sporting its own color and icon which highlight the unique characteristics of the blend. This will help you find your favorite blend on the shelf more easily and more quickly for a seamless shopping experience.
  2. More information! We added extra descriptions and short and sweet snippets of tasting notes so you can read more about the unique flavor profile of each blend and compare side by side to determine which one you might love the most. (Although, we know you’ll love them all!)
  3. Giving back to the community! Things change over time, and what’s important to you changes, too. We keep you up to date on the things you want to know about our coffee and our programs. That’s why our new seal highlights our commitment to giving back to the communities we serve. And it’s our promise to continue making a difference cup by cup.
  4. New look. Same great taste! Evolving – you know this one – fashion, fad diets, fitness, and…butter in coffee??? Trends continue to be ever-changing and just a normal way of life. With that, design trends and expectations change, too. We want to stay in tune with you, which also means a cleaner look and something pleasing to the eye for our fans.

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small image 2015-2020