Brewing the Best Cup at Home

Brewing a fresh cup of Community® coffee from the comfort of home is a great way to start any morning. Save time and money (and avoid those pesky drive-through lines!) while preparing your coffee just how you like it? Count us in!

To make your coffee routine even more convenient, check out our tips below for brewing the best cup at home.

1. Always use fresh coffee. Although buying in bulk may be efficient for other products, only purchase what you’d be comfortable with brewing over the course of one week.

2. As far as storage goes, make sure your coffee is stored somewhere cool and dry, such as a pantry or cabinet. We do not recommend storing coffee in a freezer. The condensation formed will speed up oxidation and staling, so avoiding large temperature changes will ensure the freshest coffee. Once opened, be sure to store your coffee in an airtight container, such as our Fresh-O-Lator®, to maintain freshness longer.

 3. When it comes to brewing your coffee, be sure you’re using the proper grinding method. Each form of coffee requires a different grind that plays a crucial role in brewing the perfect cup. The longer the coffee is in contact with water, the coarser you will want the grind, so be sure to keep that in mind when choosing how to prepare it. Check out our blog post on coffee formats for more info.

4. Finally, after you’ve finished enjoying your cup of freshly brewed coffee, be sure to thoroughly clean all of your equipment. To ensure that the cleaning of your pots, brew baskets, and spray heads doesn’t interfere with the taste of your coffee, try to avoid the use of strong scented soaps and rinse well. If you’ve got a tough stain on your hands, baking soda is a great cleaning alternative that will help break down the stain without leaving a soapy aftertaste.