Brighten Up the End of Daylight Saving Time

Fall is a great time of year. Nature’s beauty is revealed in warm, neutral colors, the heat of summer fades into the cool autumn air, and pumpkin is all around. With the change of seasons also comes the change in days; more specifically, the end of Daylight Saving Time. The days are shorter and the nights are colder. It can be challenging to not let the loss of daylight keep us from achieving the same amount of productivity. However, with some creative ideas and a few inspirational tips, you can keep marching forward and feel better than ever.


A change in décor will liven up any space. Fall colors are great for creating a warm, homey feel. Get inspired with these Fall DIY ideas. Also try out some coffee art – use leftover brewed coffee as paint, create some coffee bean jewelry, or use coffee filters for a new crafty project.

New Workout Routine

Keeping your body healthy is essential for managing the dreaded time change and the hit to our natural circadian rhythm, but doing the same exercise day after day can be boring. Change up your workout routine and give your body a fresh start for Fall. Take advantage of free trial offers in your local gyms and try out a new place. Specialized training studios will often offer the first class free, so give something different a chance, such as yoga, barre, cross-fit…you may find something you decide you can’t live without! And if you’re a runner, don’t forget about our tips on preparing for cold weather races.

Fall Cleaning

Losing extra hours of daylight can be depressing, but taking some time to freshen up your home or de-clutter closets can help brighten up the fall evenings. Have a Fall cleaning and get your home and closet ready for family gatherings and cooler days. Get rid of the things you don’t need and pull out your favorite sweaters and jackets. Breaking out those boots may be just the mood enhancer you need!

New Recipes

With the holidays quickly approaching and holiday parties in full effect, it’s a perfect time to try some new recipes. Spice up your kitchen with seasonal favorites or show your skills with a new treat, such as this coffee-infused mochi. Pick up some fruits and veggies at your local farmer’s market to incorporate into colorful new dishes. And don’t forget the coffee – Community® Dark Chocolate Peppermint coffee is only available for a limited time! It’s a delicious treat for your guests during those holiday parties.