Build A Game Plan For Your School

It’s that time of year again and two things are about to kick off. That’s right, football season and our Community Cash for Schools® program. Entering its 28th year, local schools have earned over $6.7 million by clipping and returning proofs of purchase back to Community Coffee Company. The program supports and cultivates future generations by allowing educators to direct funds to programs and projects that best serve our youth. So how can your team score big this year and earn funds to support your school?

Get in the Game.
Playing is easy. Individuals at your school collect proof of purchase—the label that appears on all Community® brand packages including coffee and tea. Your school receives 10 cents for each one you return. The program is open to public and private schools from Pre-K to 12th grade, and runs from August 18, 2016 through January 31, 2017. Last year, 820 schools participated earning approximately $368,000 with 94 schools earning $1,000 or more.

Develop a Game Plan.
Strategy is a must, so decide what your school needs funded and set your goals. Most schools seek funds to support technology improvements such as computers or white boards, while others upgrade textbooks or playground equipment. Some schools have really thought outside the box supporting music programs, and even a chicken coop to help teach kids about biology and the poultry business. Most schools are more successful when they determine what it needs and set a specific monetary goal to reach.

Execute Your Playbook
Next, it’s time to put your plan into action. Make sure you communicate your participation in the Community Cash for Schools® program to your team—including teachers, staff, students and parents. Invite them to reach out to friends, neighbors and family members to collect proofs of purchase. Use in-school communication to remind students and families to keep up with their clippings at home in a special drawer, zip lock bag or folder. Community Coffee Company even has sample artwork and communication ideas on our website.

Call an Audible.
Want to boost your ability to score more points? Visit local offices, churches and other businesses to ask if they would donate their Community® proofs of purchase to your school. Commercial customer coffee proofs of purchase (for restaurants, hotels, offices, etc.) are located on the corrugate case for our Community® commercial products.

Everybody Wins!
One of the best things about the Community Cash for Schools® program is that everybody wins. You turn in proofs of purchase and earn money to fund much-needed projects and equipment at your school, and Community Coffee Company gets to support education and self-betterment right here where we live and work.

For more information on the Community Cash for Schools® program, go to CommunityCoffee.com/CashforSchools and enroll online or call 800-884-5282. Here’s to a great season!