Building Community: How a Simple Act of Kindness Can Bring People Together


We’re a company that’s founded on bringing people together and giving back to the communities that give so much to us. With this in mind, we recently funded an art installation in Dallas, Texas called “Dear Neighbor.” Here’s what it’s all about:

In the spirit of the holidays, we filled an empty space in Deep Ellum with vintage postcards and invited people to write a note to their neighbor – about gratitude, aspirations, or even something simple that they love about their community.

In the first few weeks, thousands of people participated in our “Dear Neighbor” art installation. And what we found by reading each other’s messages is that sometimes all we need is a positive attitude and a sense of belonging to feel joy and peace.

By taking photos of their notes and sharing on social media with the hashtag #MakeItCommunity, participants have lifted our spirits and given us another reason to be thankful for our community this holiday season.