Celebrate National Hot Tea Month with These Tips & Tricks

Did you know that tea has been enjoyed for thousands of years? Though the origin of tea is long and complex, consumption of this delicious drink can be traced as far back as the Tang Dynasty. Today, hot tea continues to be one of the world's most popular beverages and is associated with a multitude of health benefits, including good heart health, weight loss, and immune system support.

Celebrate National Hot Tea Month this January and elevate your tea by trying out some of our tips and tricks below!

Use Quality Water
The quality of water used while brewing plays a huge role in how our tea tastes. Tap or distilled water can sometimes leave your tea tasting dull, so opt to use filtered or bottled water instead.

Watch Your Water Temperature
Heating your water to the optimal temperature will ensure your tea is as flavorful as possible. If the water temperature is too low, the brewing process may not extract the tea’s full flavor. If the water temperature is too high, you risk burning the leaves, which can result in a bitter taste. For Black tea like our Porch Breeze™ Black Tea, it’s safe to bring your water to a boil. For all other teas (White, Green, Oolong etc.), your water should be under boiling.

Time Your Steeping
Different teas require different steeping times. Steeping your tea for too long can leave your tea tasting bitter, while not steeping it long enough can leave it flavorless or watered-down. For Green and White teas, the general steeping time is one to two minutes. Oolong and Black teas should be steeped for about two to three minutes, and herbal infusions should take about three to six minutes.

Experiment with Additions 
Though tea is tasty on its own, mixing it up with a few additions can boost your tea’s flavor even more. For a spicy kick, try infusing your tea with a stick of cinnamon or star anise. Add a dash of cayenne for heat, or a bit of coconut milk for a smooth, creamy texture. Fresh fruit or fresh herbs are also a great way to add more flavor to your cup. 

Pay Attention to Storage
Much like coffee, moisture, heat and light can comprise the flavor of your tea. To prolong the life and preserve the profile of your tea, store it in a dry, room-temperature area away from direct sunlight.