Coffee Pairing: The Perfect Match

Valentine’s Day. You can smell the love in the air! Or is it just Community® coffee brewing? This Valentine’s Day, there’s no need to stress about what brew goes with your favorite treats. We specialize in coffee and it only makes sense to provide Valentine’s Day perfect pairings for you and your perfect match.

Here are some irresistible combinations for you and your special someone:​
  • To start your Valentine’s Day off right, try a steaming cup of our Breakfast Blend and a plate of blueberry pancakes. You can also impress your honey with the rich yet smooth taste of medium-dark roast Café Special® blend. Pair it with your favorite breakfast foods like cinnamon scones or sausage casserole.
  • Our Café Special® coffee blends well with a creamy dessert like coconut custard or bananas foster. Creamy desserts and sweet cakes, such as cheesecake work well with this semi-sweet, full-bodied medium-dark roast coffee.
  • The Colombia Toledo-Labateca coffee is the perfect complement to a tart key lime pie or lemon pie. Rich cakes and pies, like carrot cake or pecan pie benefit from the strong flavor of a dark roast to balance the tastes.
  • For later in the day, Community® coffee French Roast and brownies are a perfect combination. The rich chocolate in this treat plays very well with the full-bodied and smoky taste of this coffee.  For a less smoky flavor, pair rich chocolate sweets with premium dark roast coffees, such as our Signature Blend Dark Roast.

A general rule of coffee-pairing thumb is the richer the dessert (i.e. chocolate, praline or peanut butter flavoring), the darker the roast. If you need help finding a great heart-felt recipe utilizing Community® coffee as an ingredient, check out our previous post.  

Take our advice and surprise your Valentine this year with one of our perfect pairings. What’s not to love?

Valentines Gift Giving Ideas

Valentine’s Day, while romantic, can be fraught with gifting and planning stress.  The average consumer spends over $100 on their valentine. This year, swap out conventional for innovative with some non-traditional gift-giving ideas for your special someone. Here are some tips and ideas on how to elevate traditionally popular gifts like flowers, chocolates and jewelry to a truly personal, memorable experience.

The New Relationship: Don’t go overboard. For a just budding relationship, consider giving a gift you might bring a hostess at a party: wine or treats. Try something other than candy. Choose cookies, a favorite snack food, or dinner at a new restaurant in town.

Flowers are a great go-to option.  Make sure that the memories last longer than the bouquet by making flowers part of a special event or moment.  Plan a romantic picnic at your local botanical gardens or park.

Personalize: If you're in a longer-term relationship, from 6 months to 6-plus years, you probably know enough about the other person to personalize your gift. Show how much you appreciate and care for your significant other by putting a special twist on an otherwise ordinary gift.

You can’t go wrong with chocolates.  To show that you put some extra thought into your gift, consider ordering custom monogrammed chocolates with your loved one’s initials. If you’re sending chocolate to your loved one’s office, a good tip is to send enough for his/her officemates.  You’ll be a real hero among the co-workers.

Jewelry is always a luxurious, well-received gift, but it can sometimes feel a little impersonal. Take the extra time to have it personalized with a small engraving, whether initials, I love you, a special date, etc. If you plan far enough in advance, have the jewelry custom made based on your loved one’s favorite stones, colors, designs.

It Really IS the Thought That Counts: Catering to your love's special interests or giving something that promotes you being together will mean much more than three dozen red roses or expensive jewelry.

Going out to dinner or even dining in on Valentine’s Day is pretty standard fare, but there are ways you can make it a more memorable occasion. If you are dining at home, have a special bottle of wine chilling on the table and a menu planned that features their favorite foods or meal. To complete the perfect meal, pair your favorite desserts with a Community® coffee blend as suggested by our coffee pairing guide.