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Community Cash for Schools® Program

Throughout the history of Community Coffee Company, education, self-betterment and entrepreneurship have proven to be profound parts of our business. We've always had a sense of community which is the very basis of our name. That architectural fabric that consistently produces a delicious cup of coffee also created an educational program. Now in its 27th year, this program is woven into the landscape of the communities we serve.

C4SRefresh_400x413_DLocal public and private schools have earned well over $6 million by saving UPCs through our Community Cash for Schools® program. The program supports and cultivates future generations by allowing educators to direct funds to programs and projects that best serve our youth. Schools are free to allocate funds in the best way they see fit, which has opened many doors for hundreds of schools. Most schools participate in pursuit of funds to support technology improvements, upgrades in textbooks and playground equipment as well as other activities that support children’s exploration of learning. However, we have seen some other outside-the-norm, yet innovative, ways to spend the money, including building a chicken coop.

This program thrives when communities of businesses, parents, students and educators work together to collect UPCs. Each Proof of Purchase is worth 10 cents, which adds up fast when you have a large number of coffee-drinkers on your side. Our roots are firmly planted in future generations and we encourage coffee lovers to soulfully sip their delicious cup of coffee and civically cut the label for their local school in need.

For more information on our Community Cash for Schools® program, or to register your school as the school’s representative, please visit CommunityCoffee.com/CashforSchools.