Community Coffee Program Supports Plans for Pre-K Facility at St. George School

The Community Cash for Schools® program is helping Baton Rouge’s St. George Catholic School equip its first-ever pre-kindergarten facility with smartboards, tablets and other technologies designed to help young learners prepare for elementary school.

The fundraising effort is spearheaded by the St. George Home and School Association, which coordinates activities with volunteers, hosts and organizes receptions, and promotes fundraising efforts throughout the school year. The organization is a key aspect of the school’s commitment to building a spirit of cooperation among parents, students, faculty and staff.

The HSA encourages families and students to collect Community Coffee proofs of purchase, and the school administration has in turn offered free dress days twice each school year for students who turn in a certain amount of labels. Families and students have responded to the challenge enthusiastically, raising $1,103.50 this year through Community Cash for Schools.

“It’s kind of an easy way to make money for your school because so many people drink Community Coffee,” says Home and School President Kelly Vaughan. “All they have to do is turn the label in and we get money.”

St. George has for years offered a quality educational environment for students in kindergarten through eighth grade, but the school is planning to offer pre-K for the first time in 2018. The addition was made possible by the construction of a new church facility, which opened up space at the site of an older church for a pre-K facility that could give the school’s youngest students a smoother launching pad for their academic careers.

“There’s such a need for pre-K,” Vaughan says. “It’s a much easier transition to kindergarten when you come to a pre-K facility where you will attend kindergarten.”

Vaughan says the funds raised through the Community Cash for Schools® program will help purchase technology for the pre-K facility, including tablet computers and smartboards that allow teachers to leverage interactive learning tools in the classroom.

This latest addition will allow St. George to continue and expand its long tradition of providing a top-notch education to the children of Baton Rouge.


Community Coffee Company supports schools by paying 10 cents for every proof of purchase turned in to teachers. Coffee products, tea products, creamer, sugar and coffee filters contain eligible proofs of purchase. Schools can choose to allocate the money toward new textbooks, computers or events. For more information on the Community Cash for Schools® program, visit CommunityCoffee.com/CashforSchools or call 1-800-525-5583.