Connecting Over Coffee

For military children past and present, a hug and a kiss from mom and dad isn’t always possible. Their parents are frequently called to serve overseas and attend trainings for extended periods of time. These separations can be tough on those military kids, but we’re partnering with the USO of North Carolina to help strengthen those families by connecting them to family, home and country.

For military children, Ashley and Aubrey, their father’s year-long deployment meant that they would have to go to sleep without a bedtime story from dad. Their father was heartbroken at the thought of ending their nightly story time tradition. But after some research and some assistance from the USO of NC, he was able to make recordings of those bed time stories, so that his daughters could hear their father’s voice even when he was thousands miles away. 

Families and friends bond in so many ways, through reading a bedtime story, from sharing a meal, or even chatting over a cup of coffee, Community Coffee wants to be there to help military families build lasting connections.

That is why we support the USO of North Carolina year-round. Just like us, they care about helping you celebrate the little victories and traditional holidays. From taking a break from military life and enjoying a free cup of Community Coffee at one of the USO of NC’s 10 locations across the state, to care packages and holiday gifts, to life changing programs providing military families with the tools to overcome the challenges that accompany military life, the USO of NC stands by the side of those who serve.

Even as they’re leaving the military, the USO of North Carolina stands with them, guiding them through their transition to successful veteran status, resume workshops, one-on-one assistance and so much more.  

This Veteran’s Day, please join us in recognizing our nation’s service members, past and present for the service and sacrifice. Less than one percent of our nation serves in the military, protecting the additional 99 percent, and our team at Community Coffee is honored to support them through our partnership with the USO of NC.