Crossing the Globe to Honor Our Founder

It all started with one delicious cup of coffee and one determined founder. Founded in 1919, Community Coffee Company celebrates Founder’s Day every year on April 1. This birthday of sorts is celebrated by acknowledging our company’s rich history and enjoying a cup of our Founder’s Blend coffee

Founder’s Blend is Community Coffee Company’s fourth-generation owner Matt Saurage’s special blend that he developed in honor of our founder, his great-grandfather, Cap Saurage. Founder’s Blend was developed as a medium-dark roast with a sweet, floral aroma, a complex and winey flavor, and a nutty, bold body. With every cup you can taste the semisweet flavors of South America, the rich flavors of Africa, and the smoothness of Brazil.

A truly complex coffee, our Founder’s Blend highlights the unique taste profile of several regions. The first part of Founder’s blend is a South American coffee grown in Colombia out of special relationships exclusive to Community Coffee Company. We then add two other carefully-selected exceptional coffees from Kenya and Ethiopia in Africa, and round it out with rare flavors from Brazil.

South American coffee trees thrive in Colombia’s high altitude and warm weather. The mountainous terrain provides the perfect growing conditions for quality Arabica coffee beans. Colombia is the third highest total producer of coffee in the world, and we are proud to source beans from this region.

Community Coffee Company has supported the efforts of local coffee growers in this region by funding opportunities for social, economic, environmental and educational development, including developing a school for youth named Hogar Juvenil Campesino Toledito – Henry Norman Saurage III after our founder. Coffee from Colombia has been positioned as one of the finest quality coffees in the world and is a favorite among coffee consumers. Colombia’s coffee has a heavy body, and a smooth, semisweet flavor with hints of dark chocolate and a toasted nut finish. Our relationship with Colombia over the last 13 years and counting produces a great cup of coffee, and even greater opportunities for the region.

Known as the birthplace of coffee, Africa grows some of the most celebrated coffee beans in the world. With its complex flavors, it is easy to see why people enjoy it. Coffee from this region tends to have a medium acidity and lighter body. African coffee farmers cultivate coffee in four different systems, which include wild forest coffee, semi-forest coffee, garden coffee and plantation coffee. The vast biodiversity and economical dependency on agriculture makes Africa a premier spot for coffee growers to produce a great tasting cup of coffee.

Brazil is the largest coffee producer in the world and the second largest consumer. Brazil provides rich soil and a humid climate for its coffee plants to thrive. Unlike some places, Brazil does not have a high altitude and therefore grows coffee in low-lying fields which produce a sweet, smooth and less acidic flavor. Brazil is known for its full-bodied coffee and Arabica coffee beans, perfect for a cup of Community® coffee.

What started as a small country store selling coffee is now a thriving company with the best coffee beans from around the world. Community Coffee Company is the largest family-owned and operated coffee brand in America and remains committed to providing a great cup of coffee for our local communities and beyond. From sourcing our beans at coffee farms around the globe, to tasting the finished product at our own kitchen table, it’s all part of our commitment to being the best coffee company in America, every day.

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