Employee Spotlight: Emily Arbour

Although a good cup of coffee is timeless, the world of the coffee business is ever changing. That’s where Emily Arbour, General Manager of Brand Strategy and Innovation, comes in. Her focus at Community Coffee Company is to utilize multiple data sources and custom marketing research to develop highly actionable communications and product strategies. She leads our aggressive innovations program to ensure continued market growth and customer-driven product evolution to keep up with consumers’ wants and needs.

EmilyOriginsPost_Notes“Innovation is about openness to new ideas and understanding how to truly create value for your consumers,” says Emily. This passion and openness are key values in helping to create and maintain an innovative culture focused on growing with our customers.

Each Community employee has a personal commitment to providing exceptional products, services, and solutions to our customers, and this value is integrated across our organization. However, the Marketing team specifically sets aside time to dive into the consumer culture.  Emily suggests,  “Taking this time enables us to better understand our user and create synergistic platforms that create true value.”

What’s the biggest challenge of Emily’s job? It’s distinguishing between a true need and a passing fad.  Through Emily’s research, our company knows there are over-arching trends impacting consumers’ shopping habits. In the 2015 IRI New Product Pacesetters report, general consumer food and beverage needs revolve around seeking simplicity, excitement, and wellness. However, the definition of healthy is evolving as well. It is more about balancing indulgence with healthy products rather than eliminating the opportunity for both. Emily adds, “Ensuring we understand the nuances of these evolving needs and then find ways to deliver on them for our consumers is an ongoing innovation initiative for Community Coffee Company.”

EmilyOriginsPost_CuppingBKnowing what draws consumers is essential to being a proactive and adaptive company. In our industry, we see consumer tastes becoming more sophisticated.  Consumers want a better, higher-quality cup of coffee and are increasing their search for new specialty beverages that offer a unique experience.  Staying in tune to these trends allows Emily and Community Coffee Company to make educated product choices that appeal to consumers.

Additionally, Emily says, “We also maintain an evolving innovative product launch calendar and are committed to providing marketing support for a new flavor or blend promotion to get the attention of our customers.” With the help of her research and insights, looking into the future is an exciting thing for Community Coffee Company.