Father's Day Gift Ideas

Most dads love coffee. For years, fathers have set out early in the morning to meet the workday, head to T-ball practice or tackle DIY projects around the house beginning with a fresh cup of Joe. You probably have fond memories of your dad and his coffee. Perhaps it’s being awakened before dawn by the delicious aroma and gurgling sound of the coffee pot dad put on before your hunting or fishing trip. Maybe it’s pops—hidden behind the Sunday paper at the kitchen table—his hand deftly reaching for his mug without ever taking his eyes off the sports section. Perhaps it’s your father’s ritual of a black coffee with one sugar after a good meal at a nice restaurant. If you can remember, it was most likely your old man who introduced you to your first coffee milk laced with more sugar than you’d dare use today. And it’s a safe bet that your father still has that “World’s Greatest Dad” mug you proudly presented to him in third grade—the one he dutifully used for years.

This Father’s Day, celebrate dad’s love of java with a unique coffee gift he’ll appreciate. Need some ideas? We’ve got you covered. If dad’s a reader, introduce him to www.goodreads.com to help assemble a reading list of great books based on his taste. Yes, there are plenty of coffee table books, too, none better than the coffee table book that is actually about coffeeThe World Atlas of Coffee: From Beans to Brewing—Coffees Explored, Explained and Enjoyed.

If there’s anything dads like more than coffee, it’s meat. How about combining the two by serving him a rib recipe that features a Community® coffee rub? Dad will love the subtle coffee flavor and not having to do all the work. If you’re looking to satisfy dad’s sweet tooth, Fusion Gourmet offers its Bali’s Best coffee candy made with real Sumatran coffee originating from the islands of Java. Fusion also offers a range of other cookies, wafers and candies in a variety of flavors. For the no-fuss father who likes simple things that work, the Chemex® Pour-Over Glass Coffee Maker with Wood Collar is a one-piece vessel that provides a reliable method of making delicious, high-quality coffee. Looking for even more ideas? Community Coffee Company offers an array of coffee-related items that dad can enjoy, from mugs and tumblers to coffee gift baskets and Coffee Makers. Finally, if you want go with that third-grade throwback gift, we found the coffee-centric present that lets dad know exactly what you think of him. No matter what, tell dad that you love him this Father’s Day and that will be the best gift of all.