Giving a Homemade Holiday Gift

Giving a homemade gift can be a great way to show someone you care this holiday season—not to mention it can be a bit easier on your wallet, too. Spending some time and effort on making a gift, especially if it’s a little personalized, can make it that much more meaningful.

DIY doesn’t always equal inexpensive or thoughtful, so make sure to consider how your gift can match the interests of the recipient and check the costs of materials before you start crafting. We’ve curated 5 ideas below for easy homemade holiday gifts to DIY for your friends and family this holiday season.

  1. For the Foodie: Peppermint Chocolate Bark Who would say no to homemade treats? Anyone is sure to enjoy receiving a holiday-flavored dessert like a batch of this Peppermint Chocolate Bark, made with simple ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen. Add coffee beans on top for an added crunch, or give it alongside a bag or box of our delicious Dark Chocolate Peppermint flavored coffee for an extra minty sweet treat.


  2. For the Book Lover: Yarn Ball Pom Pom Bookmark A DIY bookmark is a cute and inexpensive gift for a student, teacher, or anyone who enjoys reading. This Pom Pom Bookmark is especially easy, requiring only scissors and yarn, and you can customize it to the gift receiver’s favorite color. To make it extra special, pair it with a book you think they’d enjoy!


  3. For the Pet Obsessed: Custom Doggie Bow-Tie We all know someone who’s obsessed with their dog. Let their four-legged friend get all dressed up for the holidays too with this DIY Doggy Bow Tie. You can completely customize the size, fabric, color and more, so it’s sure to be the perfect fit!


  4. For the Fashionista: Brass Palm Leaf Earrings For the friend or family member who always seems to be perfectly on trend, try these Wire Leaf Earrings that are both easy to make and very in style. They’re sure to be impressed by how good they look!


  5. For the Environmentalist: T-Shirt Produce Bag Look no further than your own closet for a homemade gift idea –turn one of your old t-shirts into a produce bag. Not only is it easy and free, it’s doubly environmentally-conscious to upcycle a shirt you no longer wear into a sturdy reusable produce bag that the receiver can bring to the grocery store time after time.