Halloween Tricks & Treats

Fall is just around the corner, and before you know it there will be little vampires, princesses, and ghosts knocking on your front door in search of candy. This Halloween impress your guests, young or old, with spooky DIY decorations and delectable, goulash treats.  

The spookiest way to light up your front porch is with candles. This quick DIY puts an adorable twist on a classic Halloween character. Add a festive, fall flare to your house with these easy mummy mason jar candles.

If candy apples are your favorite sweet treat, this recipe was made for you. These marble candy apples are perfect for any Halloween party, and are actually fairly easy to make, as long as you have a candy thermometer. No matter what the theme of your Halloween party is, these candy apples are sure to dazzle your guests.

Looking for something festive to do with those leftover Pumpkin Praline Single-Serve Pods this fall? We’ve got the perfect DIY for you. For less than $1 these recycled K-Cup Halloween lights will surely impress coffee lovers and kids alike.

For those picky partygoers try these vegan, gluten-free bloody cups. This simply sweet treat replaces the peanut butter in a peanut butter cup with raspberry sauce. The dark red filling makes them perfect for Halloween. This 20 minute task requires only 3 ingredients, so it’s the ideal last minute party recipe.

There are two things that everyone loves, a good party and a cute favor. Surprise your guests with these tissue paper pumpkin favors. Start by wrapping up your favorite treats and then open up the pumpkin to get the candy inside. Every guest young or old will be impressed with these adorable, delicious party favors.

After your party concludes with nothing more than success and smiles it’s finally time to relax. If you’re still hungry for the taste of fall these mummy pumpkin cookies are delicious, flaky, and packed with fall flavor. Make this festive treat even better by enjoying it with a hot cup of Pumpkin Praline Community® coffee.