Honoring the Past: How Acadians Came to Louisiana and Made a Lasting Impact

Family, perseverance, hard work. Many aspects of Louisiana’s celebrated culture can be traced back to the Acadians, a group of immigrants who settled in our region more than 230 years ago. Their influence is felt in everything from the food we eat to the names of our towns and parishes. Community Coffee Company wouldn’t be the company it is today without the support of the Acadian community; our Private Reserve® Evangeline Blend™ coffee is a tribute to its rich history.

Acadians Arrive in North America

The group of people who eventually became known as “Cajuns” immigrated from rural areas of western France. In the early 1600s they sailed to coastal Canada and established a French colony called Acadia, where they prospered as farmers and fishermen in the salty marshlands.

Over the next 100 years, control of the land bounced between Great Britain and France several times. The settlers avoided the conflict for a while, refusing to take sides in favor of a peaceful existence. But when the British seized permanent control of the region, Acadians refused to swear allegiance to the crown and church. Eventually they were deported from Acadia during the Expulsion of 1755. A century later, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s fictional account of the brutal takeover immortalized a woman named Evangeline and the search for her lost love, Gabriel.

The Trek to Louisiana

The displaced Acadians were sent to locations including Europe, New England, Central America and the Caribbean, but many were unhappy in their new homes and eventually made their way to Louisiana. By the early 1800s thousands of Acadians had settled in the territory, which was then controlled by Spain. The Mississippi River Delta had many similarities to their previous home in Nova Scotia, and the settlers once again thrived as farmers, trappers and ranchers in Louisiana’s swamps, bayous and prairies.

Honoring the Acadian Culture

When Community Coffee Company first began, the Acadian community strongly supported our company, mission, and growth. One of our very first blends was the Evangeline Blend™, which we created to honor the Acadian culture. We blend 100% specialty-grade Arabica beans and dark roast them to create a deep, semisweet flavor.