Host a Winning Super Bowl Party

Whether you’re in it for the halftime show or to root on your favorite football team, chances are you’ll be watching the Super Bowl this Sunday. With an average of 100 million viewers or more each year, the Super Bowl is consistently one of the most watched American television programs.

If you’re planning to have a few friends and family over for the big game, check out our tips below to avoid a party fumble.

Clean Your Television
Dust and clean your television screen the morning of your party. “Everyone’s eyes are going to be glued to the screen, so the last thing you want is any dust or smudges blocking your view,” says Becca Napelbaum, cleaning expert at Handy. Older TV screens are usually made of glass, which can be cleaned with regular window cleaner. Newer LCD or plasma screens are more sensitive, so be sure to research the best method for your model.

Prepare for Spills
Though delicious, typical tailgating dishes like chips and dip or buffalo wings tend to be messy. To help with any spills, place plastic tablecloths over surfaces people will be eating around or food will be served on. Put out plenty of napkins for your guests to grab, and keep paper towels and cleaner handy just in case.

Don’t Forget the Ice
To prevent your guests from running back and forth to the fridge, place a few coolers around the area where guests will be gathering. Not only will this keep beverages nice and cold, but it’ll also help guests mingle. Don’t forget to keep lots of ice on hand!

Make it a Potluck
Instead of having to prepare a full spread yourself, invite guests to bring their favorite Super Bowl snacks. Make your prep even easier by making it a one-pot play—check out our delicious game-winning chili recipe here.