Introducing House Blend-Community Coffee Company’s newest blend

This rich, smooth coffee has a medium body and brightness, appealing to all medium and medium/dark coffee drinkers. To learn more about this premium new blend, we went straight to the source and asked Mark Howell, General Manager of Green Coffee & Tea Procurement and creator of House Blend, for his thoughts.

Is there a primary region (or regions) of the world beans come from that help dictate the flavor and quality of the coffee? How did you determine which origin of beans to use in House Blend?

Different countries of origin, and even sub regions within a given country, have distinct flavor profiles that we use to build up the flavors of a blend. Some coffees will be used for their base tones, some for high notes; others will be used to add sweetness or a distinct flavor characteristic. For House Blend, it’s a combination of South and Central American coffees that we used to develop the rich, smooth flavor.

Was there a unique process or technique that went into creating this blend that is different from other Community® coffees?

The process isn’t unique to just House Blend, but any time we create a new blend we go through a series of steps to ensure that we develop a great tasting coffee. Our first step is to get a clear understanding of the flavor profile we’re looking for. Once that’s known, we start to choose the various coffees we think will work and put together some blends.

In this instance, we began with 12 initial concept blends, but by focusing on great taste and quality sourcing we began to eliminate blends that didn’t stand up to our high standards. Through a series of blind cuppings with our team we selected our top three choices. The final three went through another round of cupping that included both executive management and the Saurage family. We collectively chose the final product.

Where does House Blend fit into the spectrum of other Community coffees? For those who drink Community coffee regularly, which other blend is the most similar to House Blend, and why would you encourage those who drink it to give House Blend a try?

House Blend falls in the middle of the range of flavors; it is closest in roast progression to Breakfast Blend and Café Special® and those drinkers should give it a try. However, I think that even those who like a darker roast may find that they want to change it up sometimes and House Blend would be a good option for them.

Do you have any recommended food pairings or flavors that would go well with House Blend?

It’s what we in the coffee trade call a “drinker’s cup” meaning that it’s well balanced, medium body, with brightness and a sweet finish. As a result of being well balanced, House Blend should pair well with any breakfast food or desserts.

Lastly, what was your most enjoyable and fun experience creating this blend?

Seeing it at the grocery store near my house. That was just awesome.

House Blend is available in ground coffee and single-serve coffee pods.