Make Boss’ Day Better

Every upbeat boss can’t imagine starting their day without a cup of coffee, especially those right here at Community Coffee Company. Some need more than one cup to get them through the day, so this Boss’ Day help your supervisor get their fix.

Not only is coffee a delicious, relaxing way to get to know your fellow co-workers, but it also makes your work days more productive.

When you’re running from meeting to meeting, you’re bound to get tired. Remember, the caffeine found in coffee helps you maintain focused attention over extended periods of time. Caffeine also increases energy metabolism throughout the brain by improving lung function and oxygen intake. This can help you absorb new information more quickly and effectively. Adding a cup of Community® coffee to your busy work schedule will surely improve your day.

Getting together with friends and co-workers over a cup of coffee can break through social barriers and form lasting work friendships. Relax in the middle of your work day with the free flowing conversation that coffee can bring about and don’t forget to say Happy Boss’ Day!