Modern Twists for Grandparents Day Gifts

Grandparent’s Day is right around the corner and we have some tips and suggestions to help you with your gift giving. Show how much you love and appreciate the person that fits the grandparent role in your life by giving them a personalized gift.

One thing grandparents love more than talking is listening. So brew up a pot of Community® Signature Blend, Breakfast Blend or Café Special® coffee and get to talking. In between each sip rest your steaming mug on a personalized coaster displaying a fun family photo.

Whether your coffee is piping hot or cold brewed with extra ice, this easy, fun, and affordable craft is sure to brighten any grandparent’s day.

To start the craft you’ll need white tiles, Mod Podge, and, of course, your family photos. First cut your photos to your desired size and adhere them to the tiles with your Mod Podge. Once you attach the picture to the tile don’t forget to apply a second layer of Mod Podge over your coaster to ensure the photo won’t fade. Once the crafts are dry, they’re ready to be wrapped and gifted. For more detailed instructions on how to construct this do-it-yourself craft, visit PopSugar.

If your grandparents can’t get enough of these heart-warming coasters try adding photos to their mugs as well. Every time they sip their coffee, they’ll be met fond memories of past family gatherings. To get started on this creative craft, check out Simply Kierste Design for some tips.

Enjoy your Grandparents Day by giving a traditional gift with a modern twist.