Perfect Pairings

The perfect pairing can make the best cup of coffee even better. We went to a handful of our employees and asked them about their favorite food and beverage pairings so we could learn more about the unique collection of tastes represented here at Community Coffee Company. Check out some of the delectable recommendations below.

Liz (Quality Compliance & Regulatory Specialist) doesn’t always pair her morning cup of coffee with food – she adds sugar and half and half and calls it “breakfast” – but if she does pair coffee and cuisine, it’s when she enjoys a rich, chocolaty dessert after a nice dinner.  As for recommendations: “If you haven’t had our Private Reserve® Evangeline Blend™…you’re missing out,” she says.

One of Robert’s (General Manager Coffee Service Division) favorite food pairings is a filet mignon steak with a bold, dark Cabernet Sauvignon wine. The full-bodied, peppery boldness of the wine combined with the tenderness of a medium- rare steak “just go great together,” he says. For dessert? “I love coffee and sweets. Chocolates are excellent with our Signature Blend Dark Roast.”

Jeff (General Manager CSD, North Region) grew up in southeast Missouri, where his family had a garden with fresh fruits and vegetables. During the summer months, cantaloupe was a favorite breakfast treat. It might sound strange, but Jeff insists that his mother’s gravy over fresh cantaloupe is the perfect combination of salty and sweet, hot and cold. Now, Jeff has another pairing tradition with his wife: On Valentine’s Day, the two indulge in Community® Signature Blend Dark Roast coffee with cheesecake from a local bakery in Little Rock, Arkansas. Since becoming an ambassador in the early 90’s, Community® coffee has been present at all of Jeff’s family events. “Once, while camping, I was talking around a campfire about things that I like with Community® coffee,” Jeff says, “and my dad mentioned his favorite pairing: Café Special® with a 12-ounce ceramic mug.”
Nevin (TSM, Jacksonville) enjoys classic and full flavor combinations, like fresh smoked salmon with roasted rosemary potatoes and grilled asparagus.  It’s hard for him to pick just one favorite coffee-food pairing. He often recommends combinations to his family and friends, and they are all well received. First on the list, is a Community® coffee Dark Roast with a fresh a glazed donut. The combination creates “a flavor to savor.” For something less sweet, try Community® coffee’s smooth, rich, medium-dark roast 100% Colombia Altura® with corned beef hash and hollandaise sauce. “The boldness of the dark roast coffee, along with the brightness of the Colombian coffee, blends smoothly with the acidity of the hollandaise sauce and the brininess in the corned beef.”

Gwen (Total Rewards Specialist) is another Community Coffee Company employee with a sweet tooth. “I could skip the other courses and go straight to dessert and coffee,” she says. Her favorite pairing? “Crème brûlée and a good ole’ Breakfast Blend with a little sweetener.” She also loves the Brazil Santos Bourbon blend with sweet treats. “I’m usually not a medium-dark roast drinker, but this one is just so smooth.”