Plan the Perfect Easter Brunch

Easter is a just a hop, skip and a jump away, which means Easter entertaining is, too. If you’re hosting an Easter brunch this year and feel a bit overwhelmed, have no fear! These easy tips will help you plan the perfect Easter brunch.

Start Early
There are many tasks you can complete the day before your bunch to help your morning run smoothly, like setting the table, prepping dishes, picking out serve ware or putting up any decorations. This will help avoid the added stress of rushing to finish a task before your guests arrive.

Be Picky
Try to pick recipes that don’t require your full attention. For example, AllRecipes recommends that instead of making crepes and omelets, which need constant watch and care, opt for casserole or a strata. Or, pick dishes that can be prepared in advance so you aren’t spending most of your time in the kitchen. Muffins and scones can be frozen in advance, and breakfast casseroles and quiches can be prepped the night before and baked in the morning. This way you have more time to host and are free to chat with your guests while your food finishes cooking.

Add a Self-Serve Station
To further take the stress off of yourself, plan a few dishes that can be self-serve. Have a bagel and toast station where your guests can toast their own items and pick from different spreads, or add a fruit station with a variety of fresh fruit. You can also create a coffee bar with a variety of your favorite Community® coffee blends.

Don’t Forget the Drinks!
Though many of us focus on the food when entertaining, the drinks are just as important. Decide what beverages you want to serve beforehand—whether it be lemonade, tea, fresh juices, water, or coffee—and how you’re going to serve them. An easy way to elevate your meal? Provide coffee pairings for some of your dishes.

  • Bready breakfast foods like fruit or tart pastries, muffins, croissants and waffles, pair great with lighter roast coffees, like our Breakfast Blend, which makes a fragrant, sweet and mellow cup of coffee. For an extra sweet treat, pair these with our spring-inspired Sugar-Dusted Beignet coffee. Light and sweet with a delightful finish, this exclusive blend captures the flavor of one of New Orleans’ tastiest traditions—perfect for entertaining!
  • Creamy dishes and sweet cakes, such as cheesecake, work well with semi-sweet, full-bodied coffees.
  • Pair rich treats like brownies, pralines or chocolate cake with premium dark roast coffees, like our Signature Blend Dark Roast or French Roast.
  • A good rule of thumb when it comes to pairing coffee and food: the richer the food, the darker the roast.