Rollins Place Elementary: Innovative Solutions to Educating our Children

Educators can be especially creative when it comes to stretching dollars to facilitate broadening the minds of future generations. Children learn in so many different ways and Rollins Place Elementary, located in Zachary, La., is a great example of creating an environment of continuous, innovative learning.

What do chickens, music and robots have to do with education? Well, at Rollins Place, everything. The school is focused on expanding children’s minds through every day activities in and outside of the classroom. With the help of funds earned from the Community Cash for Schools® program, Rollins Place was able to incorporate cutting edge and innovative educational tools into its teaching curriculums.
First, Rollins students are learning the biology and business of chickens. Their physical education classes have been assigned to help care for five chickens, manage the coop and collect the eggs. Additionally, students will learn the ropes to setting up a business by selling the eggs to parents and community members. The classroom course work is transferred to the onsite chicken coop that they call the Wrangler Ranch all in an effort to support learning.

C4sRollinsPlace_400x413Also, studies have shown that music programs in schools support math and language development and art is known to have critical developmental benefits in children, including improved motor skills, decision making and cultural awareness. The addition of learning tools to these programs helps promote and encourage student creativity.
In addition to the focus on music and the arts, Rollins Place students are constructing functioning robots. Students learn team building by working together to follow a diagram to build a robot and program it to kick a soccer ball. The hands-on activity challenges students to think in new ways and problem-solve issues as they construct their robot and ensure it functions properly. The project further instills confidence and a sense of accomplishment in each student as they collaborate and complete an assignment with their classmates.

Rollins Place was one of hundreds of schools that participated in the Community Cash for Schools® program. With the $6,000 that the Zachary elementary schools earned, Rollins Place built the chicken coop, and purchased musical instruments, art supplies and Lego robot kits.

Community Coffee Company supports schools by paying 10 cents for every proof of purchase turned in to teachers. Coffee products, tea products, creamer, sugar and coffee filters contain eligible Proofs of Purchase. Schools can choose to allocate the money toward new textbooks, computers or events. For more information on the Community Cash for Schools® program, visit CommunityCoffee.com/CashforSchools or call 1-800-884-5282.