Science Makeover for St. Aloysius

St. Aloysius Catholic School’s science program got a serious makeover thanks to funds they earned from the Community Cash for Schools® program.

With just a few extra dollars, St. Aloysius of Baton Rouge was able to reach their national accreditation goal of increasing hands-on learning experiences by using scientific inquiry throughout their curriculum. Whether students are learning about physics through the use of light optic kits or dissecting cow hearts with the help of their brand new science lab coordinator, St. Aloysius ensures that they are constantly empowered and excited to reach their full potential.

8-17-17_St-Aloysius_900x601Since Community Cash for Schools® began, St. Aloysius has been an avid participant. To give the program even more attention, several years ago St. Aloysius started a school-wide grade-level proof of purchase collection contest to spark higher levels of participation. This proactive mode of collection provoked not only students, but teachers, parents and grandparents to take part in the program.

As the school year progresses, the competitiveness of students, along with the number of proof of purchase labels collected increases. Because of this school’s effort to harbor healthy competition between grades, they earned their spot as one of the top ten earning schools. Tiffany Meek, St. Aloysius Developmental Director, states, “All are shocked that by simply clipping labels we have earned thousands of dollars over the years to support our goals.”

Community Coffee is honored to help not only St. Aloysius Catholic School but hundreds more reach their academic goals of fostering high ideals of education and hands-on knowledge to the prosperous youth.