Take Flight with These Tips

Happy National Aviation Day! And it couldn’t fall during a better season because the holidays are all about travelling to see friends and family. Whether you’re picking up family from the airport or you’re doing the travelling yourself, give these helpful travel tips a quick look.

Planning a family vacation can be exhausting, so use your flight time to catch up on that much needed sleep. If you tire yourself out a bit before a long day of travelling, once you’re settled on the plane and relaxed, sleep will come naturally.

Southwest Airlines® allows you to maximize your comfort level while staying close to your loved ones by choosing your seat. Book your seat according to the side you normally sleep on. The window seats on the left side of the plane offer more space to sleep because the seats are off center. Also, Southwest Airlines® also offers Community® coffee so you can enjoy a boost of caffeine before jumping into your vacation schedule.

Once you finally reach your destination, the stress of finding your passport, making your flight, and retrieving your luggage disappears. Be sure to leave room in your luggage or carry-on for souvenirs and gifts you may pick up during your trip. Now you can relax and enjoy the journey.