The Coffee Artists™

Andy and Angel Sauer are husband and wife as well as the artists behind Coffee Art®. For over a decade, they have mastered the art of painting with coffee and traveled the globe to share their creations with people around the world.

We had the chance to speak with them recently about everything from how they met to their most inspirational moments of artistry. Keep reading to hear their full story, and don’t forget to check out to see more of their pieces and learn how you can purchase them for your own home.

It was a series of coincidences that brought the two artists together; and while they met freshman year at their local university, seated next to each other in an Intro to Music class, it wasn’t until after college when Andy saw Angel’s name in a magazine and sought her out, that they began to date. Andy asked Angel out to the local coffeehouse, which became a favorite spot, and as they returned time and again they began to notice the artwork on the walls, prompting them to speak with the owner who scheduled them an exhibit. They had both painted with a number of mediums, and looking for something new to try, found influence in their local surroundings. Painting with coffee turned out to be a huge success as every painting from their first exhibit was sold, and from that day Coffee Art® was born.

It took some work to master the medium, and after trying various techniques such as drawing with the actual coffee beans, Andy and Angel turned to using coffee as a watercolor, refining their process and technique to give them a mix of darker and lighter hues. While they are continually refining and evolving their technique, it is this use of light and dark tones that makes their art so compelling.

In addition to painting, their Coffee Art® has encouraged their love of travel, bringing them to countries across the world to exhibit their art. As Andy explained, “Since coffee is a universal beverage, our artwork has connected us with people across the world.  We have painted everywhere from a small café in Reykjavik, Iceland to huge coffee conventions in Athens, Greece and Milan, Italy. It doesn’t matter where the setting is, we have a wonderful time painting and connecting with people.” However, no matter where their art takes them or the subject they are planning, their process begins and inspiration starts flowing over a cup of coffee.

We recently heard from one of our own consumers, Ashley, who received a painting of her one-year-old daughter that her uncle painted for her using Community® Signature Blend Dark Roast instant coffee. Her uncle, Troy, has been a Community® coffee consumer all his life, and began painting with coffee in August 2010.


We love seeing your creations using our coffee and encourage any readers out there to give it a try and send us your Community® coffee artwork.