We have been thanking U.S. military personnel by doubling customer coffee orders for free through our Military Match program for almost a decade. Over 6.1 million cups of Community® coffee have given our heroes a taste of home and customers have reached back out to share their thoughts on the program.

Susie’s Shipment

Recently, Susie, a customer of Community Coffee Company, sent in a moving story about our Military Match program. Susie's brother is stationed overseas for the United States Military. Her sister-in-law had suggested sending him some Community® coffee for the long nights at work and to give him a taste of home. She sent him several bags of coffee through our Military Match program thinking the amount should last him several months.

His response was heartwarming. He wrote of his long nights and longer days spent working together with Canadian and Royal Airforce pilots. Though the work is hard, the crew is fueled by Community coffee. "Your coffee has made a daily impact. Even the French staff officer has a great appreciation for the local Louisiana coffee.” Her brother says after all the planning is done for the day all the crew members look forward to partaking in the local brand which has become respected as the best there is. 

Handwritten Notes

At a Community Coffee Company employee event, our team members had the opportunity to personally show their support of our military heroes by writing “Thank You” notes to military personnel, which were then placed in our Military Match boxes and shipped to servicemen and servicewomen across the globe.

Recently, we received a thank you letter from Chris, a U.S. Department of State diplomat, who has been serving overseas in various U.S. embassies. He has been our customer since 2006. He wrote to Our Company in response to the handwritten note that was delivered to him.

“Someone took time out of their day to write a handwritten note to me, which I sincerely appreciate.  It was not necessary and I truly believe that their sentiments are completely genuine. This simple and kind act only reinforced to me that your company deserves my total loyalty. While you had a loyal customer before, this simple card only ensured that I will only buy your coffee in the future and if I run out, I will just wait until your coffee arrives to drink more. Please accept my sincere appreciation for your generosity, kindness, and simple humanity that you have shown to me and all the millions of military members over the long years.”

  • Chris, U.S. State Department and loyal Community® coffee consumer

More than 2.2 million men and women serve in the U.S. military. By doubling orders for free, Community Coffee Company ensures all servicemen and servicewomen have the opportunity to get a taste of home. 

Military Match Overview
Customers purchase four bags or boxes of Community® coffee from for those serving in the military. The company then matches the order with four additional bags or boxes, ships the extra four items at its cost and sends a total of eight items plus a signature Military Match mug. The customer supplies the overseas (APO/FPO) or stateside military base address.

Military Match Varieties Offered
Customers have the opportunity to choose from their favorite blends which include a variety of sizes, formats and flavors. A complete listing is available at Community Coffee Company encourages ordering at least 30 business days ahead of desired arrival date for some overseas destinations.