Serving Our Military

Community Coffee Company has been committed to honoring the men and women who serve our nation through our Military Match program and partnership with the USO of North Carolina. These two programs help us give back to those who sacrifice so much for our country.

24130360_10155955299179764_8389249549086809539_oOver the past 14 years, Community Coffee has passionately supported the military through its Military Match program. The program, founded in 2004, puts an inventive twist on care packages. When a customer orders four bags or boxes of Community® coffee from our Military Match program, we automatically double the order to any overseas or stateside military base address.

Recently, a platoon leader deployed in the Middle East reached out to us to express his appreciation after receiving one of the many coffee packages that are sent out to our troops. Homesickness affects even the strongest military members, so the local Louisiana flavors remind the troops that it won’t be long until they’ll be back spending time with their family and friends.

Although military members may be challenged physically and mentally during their24131163_10159650855290608_319121628856785395_n service times, one of the most taxing aspects of deployment is being away from home. During times of deployment it can be difficult for troops to feel connected to their community, but the USO of North Carolina combats these challenges every day by connecting America’s service members to family, home, and country throughout their service to the nation.

For the past three years, the USO of North Carolina and Community Coffee have partnered to help fund critical programs and services and to provide coffee for each of the USO of NC’s 10 locations. This past February the USO of North Carolina expanded their support for service members by opening up its 11th location.

Each service location helps and guides military men and women from the time they enter the military through their transition to civilian life. The newest Raleigh Military Entrance Processing Station will now allow the USO of NC to provide an even wider range of support to service members. The new location shows our nation’s service members and their families that there are programs available to support them as they enlist in the military and are first inducted into America’s Armed Forces, a time that many of them first begin to feel what it is to be away from home.

15626346_10157969817670608_552875231071732490_oEach of the now 11 USO of North Carolina locations are fully stocked with Community® coffee, to remind each visiting service member or military family member that a grateful nation is
supporting them.

To learn more about how Community Coffee gives back to the communities it serves, check out its Annual Giving Report online.