The Importance of Outdoor Time At Sts. Leo-Seton Catholic School

Any educator or parent will gladly preach the importance of core subjects such as math, science, or English, but Amos Batiste, Vice Principal of Sts. Leo-Seton Catholic School, also realizes the necessity of outdoor time. He stresses the point that children should have ample safe yet fun playground equipment available to them. Each day, students at Sts. Leo-Seton Catholic School stay active by running, jumping, and sliding through their school's playground.

Over the past ten years the younger population as a whole has become much less active, and are shown to play outside only half as often as their parents might have. A substantial percentage of children haven’t even been to a park or rural area in over a year. Practices previously mentioned are seeping into the older population as well. On average, children aged 10 to 16 spend less than 15 minutes a day participating in some type of vigorous outdoor activity, and these numbers are only continuing to drop.

With each new improvement to the Sts. Leo-Seton playground, the school is combating these unfortunate statistics. Teachers at the school even say that after the installment of the new playground, the children come back to the classroom alert and ready to learn. The faculty believes when students are given an enjoyable, constructive way to let out their energy during the day they’ll be less fidgety in the classroom. Parents and teachers alike are thrilled with the positive results brought about from playground improvements.

For the past few years, Sts. Leo-Seton has participated in the Community® Cash for Schools program and used the money to keep their playground in prime condition. This year the school was surprised to find that out of over 800 schools, they had earned the title of our top earner. Members of the faculty informed us that the school had plenty of support from the surrounding community.

 Although they didn’t have the intentions of becoming our top earner for 2018, the children were absolutely thrilled when the school was able to set a fresh layer of mulch over the entire playground. Faculty and staff always try their best to keep a sharp eye on every child during recess, but not every scrape or bruise can be prevented. The new mulch the school installed works to cushion the fall a child may face during an exciting round of tag.