The Perfect Gift For Everyone on Your List

Don’t let the pressure of finding that picture-perfect gift stress you out. Take a few deep breaths and find your happy place. Then, take a peek at our 2015 Holiday Gift Round Up. There’s guaranteed to be something special for everyone on your list.

For the foodie:
Have a cheese lover in the family? Know someone who can’t get enough curds and whey? Get them the Deluxe DIY Cheese Kit — and let them make their own mozzarella, ricotta, goat cheeses and more from the comfort of their kitchen.

For the sports lover:
Every season, he dons war paint. His jerseys are pressed and ready for the playoffs. He’s a super fan. And he’s ready for the perfect gift. No, not the Heisman Trophy. Give him a personalized Sports Nation poster — complete with his name, witty message and favorite sports team logo.

For the chocoholic:
For the chocolate lover who truly has it all — or at the very least wants it all — comes Mast Brothers’ Chocolate.  Finely wrapped, deliciously seasoned and uniquely flavored, any or all of the Mast Brothers products will be sure to please.

For the human pretzel:
Frequently seen standing on her head or showing off her latest crow pose, the human pretzel has everything a girl could need: flexibility, poise and the ability to withstand the effects of the Earth’s gravitational pull. She’s got everything, except a custom-monogrammed yoga mat. Personalize the carrying bag and mat by choosing from a dizzying array of colors and embroidery styles here.

For the cat lady:
The fancy cat dishtowel, complete with stylish pink bow and coy stare, will keep any cat lady company while she’s doing the dishes. Let’s just say its catnip for the cat lovers.

For the fashionista:
She’s got style. She’s got grace. She’s obviously got great taste. So why not indulge her fashion sense with a stunning day planner? With black and white stripes and a 17-month agenda, this little planner is every fashionista dream come true. Keeping tabs on life has never looked so good.

For the hands-on musician:
Crafty guitar players will love this! Get the musician in your life the Original Pick Punch. Use this tool to transform virtually anything into a guitar pick — from old credit cards, plastic takeout containers, vintage records to pressed wood, so the musician in your life can stop loosing picks, and start making them.

For the beard aficionado:
Any lumberjack will tell you winter wrecks havoc on your whiskers. Help out the bearded fellow in your life with Simply Great Shave Oil and give him the gift of a smooth, soft beard.

For the not-a-morning person:
We all know one: the I-can’t-wake-up-without-my-morning-brew guy. The I-don’t-open-my-eyes-before-my-third-cup gal. Give them all an eye-opening gift — our Coffee of the Month Program. Say good morning to 12 months of yum!