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Tips To Earn Cash For Your School

With the 2019-2020 school year in full swing, our team wants to help our Community Coffee Cash for Schools® participants reach their earnings goal. On most Community® coffee products, there is a Proof of Purchase (POP) coupon with a point value. The point values range from one to five depending on the product. Everyone in your school community can help contribute earning cash for your school! Engage your community members to help maximize savings and reach your school goal.  

Community Coffee Company has seen many creative tactics throughout the years for collecting even more POPs. To help get you started on your earnings, we’re sharing some of our favorites!  

  • Remind students and faculty in the daily announcements to continue to save POPs form their favorite Community® coffee products. 
  • Reward top-saving classrooms with pizza parties to celebrate their contribution!
  • Draw for prizes! Students can be entered in the drawing once they bring in a certain amount of POPs.
  • Hold special events after school for parents and faculty members to socialize while cutting and organizing POPs for submission. 
  • Include reminders about the POP submission deadline (January 31, 2020) in school newsletters and emails. 

By implementing your own creative tactics, your school can exceed the expected goal and raise more money! The more POPs each school submits, the more money you will earn for new textbooks, playground equipment, learning tools or any other resources your school needs.  

Learn more about the Community Cash for Schools® program at