Transparency Statement

The California Transparency in Supply Chains Act of 2010 requires certain retailers and manufacturers doing business in California to disclose their efforts to eradicate slavery and human trafficking from their direct supply chain for tangible goods offered for sale.

Ethical Sourcing
Community Coffee Company, L.L.C. and its parent and affiliates (“Community”) are committed to fair labor practices and treating employees with dignity and respect. We expect our Vendors and their suppliers to make the same commitment and adhere to all local and international standards by having controls in place that: verify the employment eligibility of their employees in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations; respect the right of employees to freely associate; ensure compliance with applicable wage and hour laws; and prohibit discrimination, harassment, forced labor and child labor.

Verification and Certification
Community endeavors to have its vendors that supply tangible goods offered for sale (“Vendors”) acknowledge and agree to adhere to Community’s Vendor/Supplier Code of Conduct (“Code”). By acknowledging the Code, Vendors certify compliance with the labor, employment, health and safety and environmental laws of the countries in which they are doing business. The Code also requires adherence to international standards. Vendors commit to communicating the standards to their employees, suppliers, sub-tier suppliers and agents and agree to ensure the compliance of those parties. Many Vendors sign contracts with Community agreeing to adhere to all applicable laws, rules and regulations in performing services for Community, which includes adherence to labor, employment, health and safety and environmental laws.

Vendors that sign the Code agree to submit to audits to verify compliance. If an audit is conducted, it may be conducted by Community employees and may be announced in advance to the Vendor to allow for adequate access to the management team and facilities as well as to provide an opportunity for substantive discussion regarding corrective actions. Community regularly visits various suppliers and Vendors and, among other things, observes working conditions at these sites.

Should Community learn of a Vendor’s noncompliance with the Code, Community would engage in corrective action, which may include an audit (as described above), investigation, suspension of business with the Vendor and/or termination of the business relationship.

Certain employees have engaged in industry awareness training regarding forced labor, slavery and human trafficking. Various members of the Purchasing and Green Coffee departments have also completed forced labor and human trafficking training. Community is committed to continuous improvement and will review its policies on an ongoing basis for additions and modifications.