Reuse Coffee Pods as Seed Starters


Give Coffee Pods a Second Life

Single serve coffee pods make excellent seed starters. They are the perfect size and after brewing your coffee, they already have a drainage hole. Seed starters work great for a variety of plants, including, tomatoes, chives, basil and peas. Here's a simple guide on how to get started.

  1. Drink some coffee!
  2. Peel the foil lids off the cups
  3. Remove the coffee grounds, which work great in compost! You can leave the filters in the cup.
  4. Label your cups
  5. Add soil and seeds
  6. Lightly add water
  7. Cover or wrap
  8. Transfer to larger pots or a garden once you get sprouts

Enjoy Your New Plants!

Here's some single serve coffee pods to purchase if you need more coffee to get started.


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