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Excite your taste buds! Our Featured Coffee of the Month allows you to try a new, expertly-selected 12-ounce Premium or Private Reserve® ground coffee every month. Add this to your cart now! Sign up for our Auto-Delivery and add to your recurring order to receive an additional 10% off!

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Private Reserve® Espresso

Get back to the grind with this expertly blended, extra dark roast. The full-bodied coffee taste can be enjoyed straight or in your favorite Fall drink.


Premium Pumpkin Praline

Enjoy Fall and this seasonal favorite with hints of pumpkin spice and toasted pecans. This flavored coffee is a limited-time offering.


Private Reserve® Louisiana Blend

Start your winter off right with a true Louisiana tradition. This special blend with a rich, dark profile and bold flavor embodies the distinctive flavor of the region and our heritage.


Private Reserve® Holiday Jazz® Blend

Celebrate the holidays with our seasonal favorite, a medium-dark roasted coffee with a floral aroma and smooth finish. Available for a limited time only.


Premium Mardi Gras King Cake

Enjoy New Orleans heritage and the great tradition of Mardi Gras. This seasonal flavored coffee, a blend of cinnamon and vanilla, is a limited-time offering.


Premium House Blend

Round out the winter season with the comfort of home and a rich-flavored coffee with a smooth, clean finish.


Premium Vanilla Creme Brulee

Jump into Spring with this limited-time offering; a sweet and creamy blend that has all the flavor of a traditional crème brûlée.


Private Reserve® Founder's Blend

Celebrate our anniversary month with a unique four-region blend, created by fourth-generation owner, Matt Saurage, in honor of his great-grandfather and our founder, Cap Saurage.


Private Reserve® Sumatra

Dive into the season with this single-origin Indonesian coffee, grown under unique conditions to create a mellow, earthy flavor.


Private Reserve® Colombia Toledo-Labateca

Savor a delicate, single-origin coffee developed from an exclusive relationship between Community Coffee Company and the growers in Toledo and Labateca. You will love the rich, semi-sweet flavor of this medium-dark roast coffee.


Private Reserve® Brazil Santos Bourbon

Relax this summer with this South American blend that has a smooth, mellow flavor, featuring one of the first varieties of Arabica beans introduced to the growing regions of Brazil.


Private Reserve® Evangeline Blend™

Round out the summer with this special blend created in honor of the Acadiana culture that supported the Company in its early days. Enjoy the complex flavor and semi-sweet finish of this coffee.

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