Coffees Around the World

Where coffee is grown has profound impacts on the flavor and quality of the coffee bean. How coffee is grown has profound impacts on the farmers, regions and environment. Our new Coffees Around the World deliver unique flavor notes curated by the conditions & countries they were grown in. They are also certified to be more sustainable for the environment and the people who grow them.

Each of our Coffees Around The World features the Rainforest Alliance seal, meaning the coffee you’re drinking was produced in ways that help farmers manage their land more sustainably, protect the environment and benefit from improved livelihoods. It means promoting a better future for people and nature.

We think you’ll enjoy the coffees we’ve created. We know coffee producers in Brazil, Guatemala and Mexico will enjoy happier, healthier futures because of these commitments.

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Three New Single Origin Coffees

Each of our three new coffees comes from a single origin: Brazil, Guatemala and Mexico respectively. Each flavor uniquely reflects the region in which it was cultivated. Try any of the three new coffees in either ground or coffee pods.

Please take some time to learn more about each blend below, shop for them online or in a store near you. Thank you for supporting our Rainforest Alliance certified coffees.

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Brazil: Rich, Toasted and Nutty

Brazilian coffee fields are set in high elevation and the plateaus seem to stretch on forever. The spectacular, tropical coffee region has natural coffee processes including drying the bean while it is still in the fruit. This special process is what develops the coffee’s rich, creamy finish with delicious toasted, nutty notes.




Guatemala: Bright and Full-Bodied

This coffee is grown, slowly, about a mile above sea level in rich, volcanic soil giving it a delicious and complex flavor entirely unique to Guatemalan coffee. This bright and full-bodied coffee has a deep flavor and a smooth finish.




Mexico: Smooth and Silky

The tropical terrains of Mexico provide the unique flavor to this coffee. It is grown in high elevation along hilly mountainsides. This coffee is extremely drinkable, featuring a smooth, deep cocoa flavor along with subtle hints of cinnamon and honey.