Best wake up call ever!!

I have been drinking Community Coffee since I was a child. My Dad would make Coffee milk for breakfast!! Great memories with great Coffee!! I love the 48 cup size because we drink lots of cups everyday!! Love Community Coffee!!!!
-Jayne Guidry

Love the Bite!!!

My dad introduced this to me many years ago and have loved it ever since!!! I love the bold flavor that has a small kick to it!! I know lots of my LA friends drank it and had never tried it but I always keep it on hand now!! I especially like the whole bean I can grind myself... So fresh so amazing!!! It's a lil different like me!!!
-Bea Fitzsimmons Crowder

Memories are made with Community

As I grew up in a small Louisiana town, my parents always started their mornings with Community. Now that I am a older grown up I always start my mornings with this special blend - and the memories of my father.
-Kathryn Axen

Only the best

My husband and I have been drinking Community Coffee for years, the smell of this fresh brewed coffee starts our day everyday and in the evening after a long day at work we relax with a fresh new cup, other brands can not compete with its flavor and taste and that's why we love our Community Coffee, why settle for less when Community Coffee is the best.
-Teresa Davidson

Community Dark Roast-My home away from home.

I was raised on this coffee in Lake Charles, La. I always restock when I go home and in between visits I order it. I also send it to my six children for special treats. In other words, Community Coffee is part of our lifestyle!! When my greatgrandchildren visit, guess what they want MawMaw to make them...coffee milk!
-Annette Theresa Bossé