About Our Differences

A difference you can trust

“Consumers are becoming more particular about the quality of coffee they drink.”
-Technomic, Inc. — The Beverage Consumer Trend Report, 2013
Because we’ve been family owned and operated for four generations, we do things differently. We make our first priority building real, lasting relationships. That means serving our business customers with both an uncompromising commitment to quality and a passion for using our multi-channel experience to grow our customers’ coffee and tea sales.

A Beloved Brand:

Loyal customers ask for us by name, and new customers quickly become loyal customers. Why? Because people trust us for great taste and great quality – and because they know and love the Community® coffee brand. We can help you identify gaps in your business, align your product offerings to the latest trends, and ultimately increase your beverage sales.


Today "caf or decaf" is not enough. Today’s consumers want choice: Medium Roast? Dark Roast? Light Roast? Ground? Single-Serve? Hazelnut? French Vanilla? Pumpkin Praline? Whole Bean? And how about tea? Unsweetened? Sweetened? Raspberry? Peach Mango? The list goes on and on. We aggressively research consumer trends so that you can have exactly the products you need to satisfy your guests.


Your unique challenges need unique solutions: custom coffee and tea programs, custom staff training, custom point-of-purchase marketing services, custom equipment solutions, and custom 24/7 service and maintenance. And not only are our solutions custom, they’re backed by four generations of experience and expertise.


Whether you use national or regional broadline distribution, private or closed distribution, direct store delivery (DSD) route service, or need direct shipment, we have the perfect solution to ensure that your coffee and tea arrive on time and at peak freshness.


When it comes to consumer satisfaction, taste is the most important consumer driver. Consequently, we’re driven by one goal – to make the freshest, most flavorful, rich, and smooth beverages in the world.


For four generations, we’ve been dedicated to unmatched quality. We begin with the world’s best coffee beans (the top 1% for Community® coffee Private Reserve® and the top 10% for our premium roast blends). On their journey to perfection, our coffees are tasted, tested and scrutinized numerous times.


We understand that to meet your beverage needs we need to offer you the perfect balance of quality, service and cost. For 95 years, we’ve taken pride in providing superior quality and service at a fair price. Because of our long-term relationships with our growers and the volume of coffee we roast each year, our prices are very competitive.