Iced Tea

Taking your iced tea sales beyond is always sweet. We're proud to offer the best overall tea quality and flavor selection to help you capitalize on the fastest growing beverage in foodservice. Just a little refresher for how we go beyond.

Facts and Figures

Tap into the fresh-brewed tea trend and increase your profits.
A range of sweet, herbal and fruity flavors, such as sweet tea, green tea and lemon
are the most appealing iced teas.

Base: Approximately 250 consumers aged 18+; bases vary slightly by flavor. Source: Technomic, Inc., The Beverage Consumer Trend Report (2012)

Customer Favorability Trends To Help Your Business Grow

Customers were most drawn to beverages that carry clearly defined fresh or natural claims, such as "fresh-brewed."

71%of customers are drawn to "fresh-brewed"

Freshness ranks as lead driver for restaurant beverage purchases in 2012

49%of customers drawn to "natural" sweeteners

Naturally sweetened ranks as lead driver for restaurant beverage purchases in 2012


Flavor Profile

Southern Sweet

Fastest-Growing Beverage in 2013
Made from orange pekoe and cut black tea perfectly blended with pure cane sugar.


Top Flavored Iced Tea
Bright, crisp taste of ripe raspberries and natural flavors add a fun splash.

Skinny Sweet

50% Fewer Calories, 100% Sweet Tea
50% fewer calories per serving. Made with the finest pekoe and cut black tea.


Crisp, Distinct and Aromatic
A crisp and captivating blend of the finest orange pekoe and cut black tea.

Peach Mango

Thirst-Quenching Tropical Peach Mango Flavor
Lively combination of full-bodied black tea with a bright ruby red color.

Green Tea with Lemon

Light and Refreshing with Lemon Accents
Highly aromatic, light and refreshing with a splash of lemon and natural antioxidants.

UPC Iced Tea Units/Case

25650 1 oz. Filter Pack 96

26071 4 oz. Filter Pack 24

25653 4 oz. Open Brew Tea 24

26022 3.5 oz. Open Brew Green Tea 12

90164 Southern Sweet Tea Sweetener 8

26017 4 oz. Open Brew Raspberry 12

26018 4 oz. Open Brew Peach Mango 12

27633 1 oz. Filter Pack Decaf

90163 Skinny Sweet Iced Tea Sweetener 12

26790 Single-Serve Tea Bag 100

26830 Single-Serve Tea Bag 48

26831 Single-Serve Tea Bag Decaf 48

26829 Single-Serve Green Tea Bag 48

We've Got Tea Down to a Tee

Increase your sales by offering customers refreshing, premium flavors like these.


  • Unsweetened Raspberry
  • Unsweetened Peach Mango
  • Unsweetened Green Tea with Lemon
  • Unsweetened

Southern Sweet

  • (100% pure cane sugar)
  • Southern Sweet Raspberry
  • Southern Sweet Peach Mango
  • Southern Sweet Green Tea with Lemon
  • Southern Sweet

Skinny Sweet

  • (50% fewer calories)
  • Skinny Sweet Raspberry
  • Skinny Sweet Peach Mango
  • Skinny Sweet Green Tea with Lemon
  • Skinny Sweet